FunkJoint Studio in Saskatoon (YXE) is centrally located on Broadway Ave.
There are so many ways to make music...

At FunkJoint Studio, it's all about enjoying the experience and recording your sound in an affordable way. Need to record demos or an EP? Want to develop songs with experienced musicians? How about recording live tracks with your band and streaming with high quality mixed audio to the web. These services and more are available with FunkJoint studio, where flexibility and value are the focus.

Core Services
- Demo and EP production and recording
- Live Off-The-Floor Band Recording
- Music and Song Development and Consultation
- Live Stream Audio/Video services
Track demos, multi-track up to 24 channels live-off-the floor, develop songs, record & stream video & audio to the web ...
FunkJoint Services
Media Development
The focus is your sound and songs, but in this day and age chances are good you're looking to outreach with other media to support those.

Video recording, streaming live to the web (Youtube, Twitch and Facebook), and Visual Graphics (logo, poster, art & design) are supporting services that FunkJoint Studio offers. Check out some examples...
Demos and EP Production​
This is the core service of FunkJoint. The focus is to make it fun, effective and affordable.

Whether you're just starting out, a solo artist or in an established band the value of hearing back the music you make cannot be overstated.

FunkJoint offers a flexible range of services to track live off-the-floor, mix, arrange and produce according to your artistic needs.
Music Consulting
Do you need some input on your song-writing? Some fresh musical ideas or instrumentation to complete something you've started?

There are so many directions you can take, and no matter the genre FunkJoint Studio can help freshen things up. Give us a call to explore the possibilities.
FunkJoint Projects
  1. FunkJoint
    Founded by the duo of Sauvelm McClean and Graham Templeman and bringin' you sweet jams and hot biscuits on the regular. Live performances in the Saskatoon area, streaming online and working on a studio E.P.
  2. Minivandal
    Minivandal is a high-energy Ska Band from Saskatoon, SK; recorded demos live off-the-floor in FunkJoint Studio with video for social media and album prep
  3. Johnny Don't
    One of Saskatoon's funnest live bands! Infusing top blends of rock, funk and country, in a flurry of original music.