FunkJoint is an experimentally-minded band that revels in tight funk jams and the spirit of improvisation. Originally founded as a duo between keyboardist Sauvelm McClean (Mobadass/The Steadies, Mo'Love, Johnny Don't) and drummer Graham Templeman (Sparky, Lavagoat, Johnny Don't), they practice a collective approach to musical performance that has evolved to include talented and like-minded friends including Steve Fischer (Vultures) on guitar and Adam Striesel (Absofunkinlutely/Randy Woods Band, Mo'Love) on trumpet. ​​​​
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​​Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this dynamic group draws from collective decades of experience, in diverse genres of jazz, funk, jam and classic soul with influences such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Herbie Hancock, to Dave Matthews Band, Lettuce & Mr. Something Something. ​​

FunkJoint delivers lively, in-the-moment performances highlighted by original music, unexpected soulful covers and unique takes on well known songs. Look for them in Saskatoon and the surrounding area and stay tuned online for show announcements, live streams and E.P. for release in 2018.​

And, if it's not too much trouble, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud and give us a like on Facebook
We live for playing live! Here's what's coming up for FunkJoint on the performance calendar...
For more details on upcoming events, visit our facebook page . For booking, please send a message here or through Facebook
We're working on our first E.P., but we've got a lot of recorded material from rehearsals, studio and live shows in the backlog that we'll be sharing over SoundCloud in the process.

Also stay tuned for live stream announcements on our channel!